V4 Parhus - Sta Bárbara de Nexe

Kedjehus • 1 rum • 4 säng. • 4 bad. • 195.93 Kvadratmeter • ref.: SYSN55
17 837 226 SEK
Impressive conversion of a ruin into a modern building. A minimalist yet inviting villa in a unique and fantastic property. Once an old ruin at the end of a dirt road, this stunning villa is completely enveloped by nature, nestled among hundreds of olive, almond and cork trees. Designed by Pedro Domingos architects, the modern architecture is dominated by strong lines, white walls and concrete, creating a bold effect in the natural environment. The building opens up to its surroundings through the use of large windows and doors, roof terraces, multiple patios and a large courtyard containing a semi-enclosed swimming pool. The 4 bedrooms are modern and minimalist, but refined in design and decoration. White walls, natural stone and concrete floors create a neutral palette, with the addition of wood and textiles to add warmth. The kitchen features a large kitchen island, while the outdoor patio space is strategically placed nearby for enjoying meals outside. The relaxing sound of water from the fountain makes it the perfect place to hang out, read a book or simply enjoy the sunshine. On the upper level, the living room connects to the back garden and a huge terrace with stunning views of the surrounding nature reserve. Local materials were sourced for the handmade doors, windows and shutters, and natural stone was used for the pool, kitchen counters, sinks and benches. Located in the Algarve countryside, known for the Ria Formosa nature reserve, beaches, wine and ceramics, there are many attractions that make it a perfect destination for a holiday with friends or family.




Boende195.93 Kvadratmeter
Inre18.21 Kvadratmeter


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