Tomt för Köp i East Marion, USA

79 167 027 SEK

7 650 000 USD

East Marion, 3995 Private Road

Tomt • 1 rum • Ref.: 888798

You remember the feeling. You're on holiday on the coast of some Caribbean isle or on the cliff of a European town overlooking the Mediterranean. Each morning when your head leaves the pillow you know you are on vacation with broad expanses of water dotted with boats and vistas of other shores. Much closer to home, only 100 miles from Manhattan, you can recreate that feeling each and every day when you develop this very private, nearly 12 acre waterfront, meadow-like parcel composed of two 5.7 acres lots spanning 350' along the North Fork's Long Island Sound. With a combination of existing and pending permits, a savvy buyer would save hundreds of thousands of dollars and months of waiting to begin construction of a significant house, waterside pool, tennis court and even a guest house for those who would undoubtedly flock to help you enjoy your grand, new estate. The low, but stable bluff, provides easy access down a gentle pebbled path to the beach from where you'll enjoy an abundance of aquatic activities while conversation and laughter will resound around the inevitable nighttime beach fires. The property affords ample opportunity to create your own vineyard, apple orchard or a field of wildflowers through which your driveway will meander right to your front door. Only a few miles from both the ferries of Greenport and Orient Point, this well positioned property provides easy access to everything that has made the North Fork the new sought after destination. At night, go into town for dinner at one of the waterfront restaurants overlooking Shelter Island or head to one of the many vineyards for a wine tasting. But on clear evenings, eat early as you might want to get back for some of the most beautiful sunsets anywhere, as the sun seems to disappear somewhere into the Sound leaving the horizon a purplish haze. Best of all, you won't need a passport, a pat down or a plane ticket. Just get in your car and head East. When you get there, you'll know...and remember.




3995 Private Road

East Marion