Hus för Köp i Helsingborg, Sverige

Wachtmeisters väg 25, 252 84 Helsingborg, Sweden, Wachtmeisters väg 25, Skåne
Friliggande hus • 6 rum • 4 säng. • 2 bad. • ref.: 3SW2XB
20 000 000 SEK
Architect Jörgen Michelsen has designed this terraced villa, a 1970s gem located on the edge of Landborgskanten with a lovely view of Öresund and Denmark. At the architectural office Arton, Jörgen Michelsen collaborated with world-renowned architect Jörn Utzon (who designed the Sydney Opera House). It can be seen that there are many similarities with the villa designed by Jörn Utzon which is located 4 houses further down the street and which was recently sold for SEK 38 million in its original design in 1968. This villa is also almost original as the previous owner has taken care to preserve what the architect created. The extension (with kitchen and dining area) that was built in 2002 was also designed by Jörgen Michelsen for the same modern design language.



Wachtmeisters väg 25, Skåne, Helsingborg

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